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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Goon of the Month

Well the Goon of the Month of August was kinda delayed. That doesn't mean he isin't special. Just look at that little hat he's wearing. What a stud.
- posted by Gujustud at 6:38 PM

Late Night Movie Monday!!!

Pool TimeToday's release comes from some odd video shot at a fellow Goonish household where a swimming pool sat empty. It didn't take long for Pool Time to come into play.
Enjoy Pool Time in (high quality & low quality).

- posted by Gujustud at 12:46 AM

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Due to a slight Goonish glitch, Lefty's link wasn't working, but it should be runnin now...
- posted by Gujustud at 6:45 PM

Monday, August 12, 2002

Movie Monday!!!

Mr. Lefty - The PreviewFor today's showdown, we bring you "Mr. Lefty: The Preview". You might of caught some of the action in last weeks Future of Goonish video, well we're here to bring you more.

Enjoy Mr. Lefty: The Preview in (high quality & low quality).

- posted by Gujustud at 11:24 PM

Goonish News Flash!

Mr. LickT-shirts are back in style and if you are a true goon you'd dress like one. To suit yourself up in the latest Goonish designs all you have to do is email us.
(t-shirts can be seen in a Goonish Release Mr. Lick)

The new shirts are off the popsicle stand!

- posted by Gujustud at 10:08 PM

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Technical Aspect, where are you?

BYO8 in 5 MinutesMovie Monday was not forgotten, but the ftp servers were down, and there was nothing that Technical Aspect could do to update the site. But the servers are back up, and so are the movies. For the delay we'll give you 2 new movies.

The first is BY08 in 5 Minutes (high quality & low quality).

Taste of GoonishThe second video is A Taste of Goonish (high quality & low quality). Thats about it, so enjoy!

- posted by Gujustud at 7:12 PM


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