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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from!!
Snowman KillerWe've been busy here at, and not to mention its the Christmas Holidays. And since we haven't posted a new video in a while, we wanted to bring one back from the archives, so here is one of our Christmas favorites, Snowman Killer.

- posted by Gujustud at 7:46 PM

Monday, December 09, 2002

Late Night Movie Monday!!
Mario Cart TourneyOften in life, we need to go back to our childhood to find out where we came from. To find the inner meaning of our Goonish life...
Which brings us back to Nintendo, then Super Nintendo, and a game called "Mario Cart". Do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate player of "Mario Cart Tourney"?

- posted by Gujustud at 11:52 PM

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Movie Monday
36 Mile ChallengeA new Goon of the Month, and Movie Monday 50 minutes early, what more can you ask for?
This week's Movie Monday, is the long awaited "36 Mile Challenge". With the biggest Goonish cast ever shot, and lots of new comers, this video is one you should NOT miss. Shot during the summer in Squamish River Valley, this video is full of beer, skanky girls, one gay guy, a few tough guys, and a asian import. Enjoy!

- posted by Gujustud at 11:09 PM

December Goon of the Month

Another month, another Goon. This month, we got a picture all the way from Yugoslavia. "Slab" as he likes to be called, was intrigued by the "White Boyz Bhangra" video, and wanted to show us how he did "bhangra" in his land. Good job Slab, keep up the good work. And make sure you reach HIGH up towards those lightbulbs. Oh, and Slab, someone said you live by the terms "Only if it was clean.", please explain?
- posted by Gujustud at 9:53 PM


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