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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Newz Flash!!

The Dirty MexicanDon Juan Dorito has escaped from a Mexican bicycle sweat shop. Mexican police say that he has fled across the boarder with 15 pounds of Columbian pure. Goonish investigative has recovered this footage from, well, frankly, from our archives. Before Don was kidnappped and forced into labour, Goonish had hired him to film a movie we called, "The Mexican".

If you see the old dirty Mexican on our streets please report him to us so we
can notify the Mexican Police and put him back where he belongs: The Sweat shop!!

- posted by Martine at 2:06 PM

Profile Pictures

Some of the Profile Pictures have been updated, make sure you check out the latest goon, so you're able to see us on the streets...
- posted by Gujustud at 12:36 PM

Monday, August 18, 2003

Breaking Week? Breakin WeekZ!!!

Well, we were a little late getting out our final release of breaking week, so we will have to change it to breakin weekz?! This footage is from a real underground battle that took place in the good old Steveston Community Centre. Goonish was a proud sponser of the evet, along with Hip-Hop Connection.

Highlights Clip
Steveston Breakbattle II

Special Thanks to Joffer Mercado for being host and promoter and also Steveston Community Centre for putting on the event.
- posted by Martine at 2:21 AM


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