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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


A Tribute to the Blue GoonGoonish brought you footage from the last Skillz from the Underground, and now its time again for us to get out the camera, but this time we encourage you to be there to see the action in person. The returning champs NON will be there to defend thier title, does your crew have what it takes? Goonish brings you Skillz from the Underground

- posted by Martine at 3:47 PM

Monday, September 08, 2003

September Goon of the Month

September brings a new face to Goonish.com. Ewen Cameron is his name, yet we have no idea who the hell this hick is. He says he's originally from the home town of Goonish, which was his reason for being posted as Goon of the Month, but his email originated from Down Under (Austrialia for you uneducated peeps). We weren't aware here at Goonish that they had hicks down under, But then again, maybe they do. Then again, maybe he's a Canadian spy breeding ladies, by going down under. Going way down under. Spreading the hickness...
- posted by Gujustud at 8:39 PM

Friday, September 05, 2003

Commenting System

IS BACK! Technical Aspect got of his ars, and fixed it, so go ahead, and spam our site.
- posted by Gujustud at 12:06 AM


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Goon of the Month

   Sept 2003 GOM

Name: Ewen Cameron
Location: Richmond, BC (Currently Down Under)

 Sept 2003 GOM



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