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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Pump_en_Clipz!! 2003 Plastic Tour


This video by Goonish Productions takes you across Canada in a tour de force of competition climbing from 2003. Featured event coverage includes: Krankenstien(Vancouver), Triop Bouldering Nationals (Calgary), Roped Nationals(Banff), and Blurr National (Toronto). See your local strongeman battle with elite climbers such as World Jr. National's champ Sean McColl, PCA points leader Nels Rosassen, or Canada's Superman Sonny Trotter. Also includes behind the scenes interviews and hilarious intro's by "ze German". With all new school climbers and innovative footage Pump_en_Clipz is the premier climbing event of the year. Definitely not to be missed. Need we say more? Play ze Clip!

Order Now!!

Special Thanks to Threat From Outerspace for the music in the trailer.
Check out their Halloween show on Oct 30th at the Brickyard (315 Caroll in Gastown).
- posted by Martine at 11:35 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2003



Flashpoint Gym was the location of this years first climbing comp covered by goonish on our Pump_en_Clipz tour 2003/2004. And what a competition it turned out to be. Flashpoint ordered a wack of new holds for the occassion making the 60 plus problems stellar to climb on. Stay tuned for a short video clip documenting the event.

- posted by Martine at 4:55 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Need we say more?

Battle Pirates vs Breakaholikz -- Skillz From the Underground Part 3

Play ze Clip!!!
- posted by Martine at 10:52 AM

Saturday, October 18, 2003

A Tribute to the Blue Goon
Breaker's Ball -- Thursday, October 23rd @ Tonic(Granville St.) $10 @ the

"Wassup ya'll this is Shana. My friend and I are throwing a special event at
Tonic on Thursday October 23rd. The night is going to be off the hook. The venue
is really intimate but has plenty of dope dance floor space and we are
encouraging all bboys and bgirls come out and do their thang. This night will be
filled with special performances featuring a dope ass trio called Loose Noose,
Fly Antics, and DJ's Frost, Ne'she and our very own Bles'sed. This event will be
fully catered and is meant to be a networking night for VanCity's true heads on
the move. We are hoping this event will be a success and we can continue
this night on a regular basis. We are not wanting it to be some big club
night, but rather a networking night for cool people who are working on cool
projects, be it in film, dance, music, art, clothing ect. We have invited
all of the people that we know that are making moves, as well as a whole slew of
media folk. We are hoping this night will help everyone bring their ideas
together and foster more of a community amoungst those trying to do shit.
We are also hoping this night will be a way to showcase local talent within the
urban community. We have basically invited all the dope ass heads that we
know and well connected media peeps. Hope see you there!!!"

-Shana Kealey-

I know Goonish is going to be there, how about you?!
- posted by Martine at 2:07 PM

Saturday, October 11, 2003

FINALZ!! Well not just yet?!

Order your DVD of the battle today, its at a very low cost of $12 and let the memory last for a lifetime.

The crew here at goonish think that your just gonna have to wait for the final, its kinda like a grand finally for the event. You might notice the first clip has expired, but if you want he footage you can still order it in our store. Here is the other semi-final "Breakaholikz" vs "Scewed up Mix"

Play ze clip

So you wanna support Goonish eh, you can buy your T-shirt or Video today in our GOONISH GROCERIES

"Breakaholikz" vs "Screwed Mix"
Skillz from the Underground Part 3 - Semi-finalz
There is a error at the begining of the video, its "Breakaholikz" vs "Screwed Up Mix"
- posted by Martine at 3:47 PM

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Here are some more Monster Super Big Onez!! Dope Breakin Clipz that is!

Order you DVD of the battle today, its at a very low cost of $12 and let the memory last for a lifetime.

This next clip from the semis features two rival crewz from Vancouver. "Tonny Cocks Pro Baiter" vs "Battle Pirates". This battle gets hella heated.

Play ze clip

So you wanna support Goonish eh, you can buy your T-shirt or Video today in our GOONISH GROCERIES

Skillz from the Underground Part 3 - Semi-finalz
- posted by Martine at 11:45 PM

Monday, October 06, 2003

Monster Super Big One Clipz!!! Shizer!!!

So we here at Goonish have decided that every BBoy who competed should get to see himself :). The only problem is, the battles add up to 1 hour. A clip one hour long would be Big One Monster Size!!! So until we figure out how we are gonna break it up, here is the first battle of the event. Unfortunately we have lost the registration sheet so we are unsure of the crew names, but thats what makes it so Goonish!!

I know the first battle featured a mixed crew from Edmonton/Kelowna/abby, I believe they were called "Screwed up Mix" (on the left in the clip) . Big Ups to Gohard, Prodigy, Lunacee, Frolic and the rest of the crew for travelling all that way. They were battling "Wack Attack" (on the right) from Richmond/Burnaby. Big Ups to Mike, Mike, RC, Emil and Eric for coming out, this crew has come too all three of the skillz battles now.

With a big uh, Play Ze Clip!!!

(File Removed as of October 11 '03)

If I have missed anyones name, please let me know.

- posted by Martine at 4:46 PM

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Home Town Breakaholikz Take Home Trophie!!

Its seems like Skillz from the Underground Part 3 turned out to be a success!! Its too bad the the Beat sold out, they are no different than Z95, just different music. So lets give props to the people that did support this event.
Night Shift (Steveson Community Centre)
Phonologic Lab (Turntable Studio)
Also-- Bostin Pizza, Rogers Video, and Hmv Donated some prizes.

Oh what, You wanna see the footage. Don't worry we have our team of goonish monkeys on the Job. Well maybe just me? So expect to see it in good time. And yes Kenny, this time I will send you the footage!!

We wanna here from you, what are the positive aspects of the event and the negative. Let us have it so that we can put on a better event next time. You can use out commenting system or even better, sign up for our Forum.

- posted by Martine at 10:58 AM


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