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Saturday, December 27, 2003

The Adventures of Tonto and Kimusabi - The Philosophers Corner
Hot Boyz SpoofTonto gets a lesson from his well respected master, let see what happens when tonto decides to be a smart ass. Look out for more of these two in the future

- posted by Martine at 1:06 AM

Monday, December 15, 2003

StoneGardens Boulder Challenge Competition footage

Hot Boyz SpoofGoonish gets frisked, boarder patrol style, we made the mistake of telling them at the boarder that we were filming for the goons. That wasn't the worst of our troubles, as it turns out, the dirty mexican had hid himself in the back seat of the volvomobile. He was thankfully arrested and taken to a US prison. We continued on to Stone Gardens where we covered the 2003 Seattle Bouldering Challenge. All the local big guns came out to watch and compete. Can you say Dynorado!!!

Stonegardens Boulder Challenge (coming soon...)
High Quality 30meg

- posted by Martine at 11:33 PM

Saturday, December 06, 2003


Hot Boyz SpoofYou might know Joffer from such videos as Hotboyz(picture to the left) Or maybe you might remember his fingers, or even Breakaholikz video? You might also know him as the organizer of the famous Breakdancing battle SKILLZ FROM THE UNDERGROUND. Well it seem that Joffer in setting a date for the next competitiion. Goonish has the inside scoop and will let you know when Hot boy makes up his mind. in the mean time, check out his summer hit Hotz Boyz Music Video al a Goonish stye West Dyke!! Aytes Aytes Aytes!!!

- posted by Martine at 2:37 AM


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