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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Goonish News!

Yeah Yeah, we know that goonish hasn't had a lot of new content in the last little bit but we are compiling footage for our spring season. here is what we have in the works:

-Footage already taken-
Boulder Blast Footage
Boulder Magnetism
Slick Dick

-Footage to be taken
Japan climbing competition
Skillz From the Underground - Part 4

As you can see goonish is keeping busy, so stay tuned!!
- posted by Martine at 9:49 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Goonish TV!!!

It seems the producers have made their choice, and Beachclimbers is the winner. Our famous climbing video will be played on ZED TV tonight! This is not the first place this video has been featured, Beach Climbers was seen on the notorious climbing website Cimb X Media. ZED TV has also played goonish videos such as Thompson Break Battle and Breaking Fingers. So sit back, have a cup of Joe, and enjoy Goonish late night TV.

- posted by Martine at 7:48 PM

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Latest _Reviews

Pump_en_Clipz DVD

The people have spoken, pump is the "greatest competitive climbing DVD ever"! What can you do to take advantage of this amazing goonish extravaganza? Order on-line, get your fix, and wait for next year's (well, this year's) Pump 2. To remind all, Pump has
+ footage from Krank, Calgary Nationals, and the Blurr Nationals
+super secret Goonish behind the scenes interviews
+special high quality version of the classic Goonish video, "The Mexican"

Damn. Sounds too good to be true, or too goonish to be true. Oh, and don't forget it's all hosted by our goonish friend, ze german. His advice? "play ze clip!"

- posted by james at 11:18 AM

Thursday, January 01, 2004

StoneGardens Boulder Challenge Competition footage

Stone GardensGoonish gets frisked, boarder patrol style, we made the mistake of telling them at the boarder that we were filming for the goons. That wasn't the worst of our troubles, as it turns out, the dirty mexican had hid himself in the back seat of the volvomobile. He was thankfully arrested and taken to a US prison. We continued on to Stone Gardens where we covered the 2003 Seattle Bouldering Challenge. All the local big guns came out to watch and compete. Can you say Dynorado!!!

Stonegardens Boulder Challenge
Low Quality 8 meg

- posted by Martine at 11:16 PM


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