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Below is a list of all the previous, and current, Goon of the Month.


February 2003
April 2003
June 2003
Daniel Sicolo
Seth Mason
June 2003 GOM
Name: Daniel Sicolo
Location: Vancouver, BC
Name: Seth Mason
Location: Boonies, Alberta

Name: Ryota Oki
Location: Richmond, BC


December 2002
November 2002
October 2002
Daniel "Slab"
Lucas Ferguson
Name: Daniel "Slab"
Location: Yugoslavia
Name: Lucas Ferguson
Location: Richmond, BC
Name: Les
Location: Maple Ridge, BC


August/September 2002
July 2002
June 2002
Bojan Bulovic
Mark Green
Name: Bojan Bulovic
Location: Burnaby, BC
Name: Wackit
Location: Unknown
Name: Mark Green
Location: Nova Scotia, CAN



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