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There are 2 sections to the profiles section. The first being the "Original Goon Profiles". In other words, those who started The second section is based on you. The "wanna-be" goon. Send us your Goonish profile, and we'll add you to the list.

Original Goon's

Amish   Amish (aka Gujustud): Our spicy goon. He's the hook-up guy. The go to man. Too bad about the smell. Black is his fashion savior. He's got a good shot but needs to work on his follow through. Popular with the ladies.


Daniel   Dan: Mysterious. I find him fascinating yet repulsive. Hard to take seriously. He means business. Best Mr. Bean impersonator. Draws stick men. Italian sausage. Skinny and hairy. Just what the women ordered.


Marty   Marty (aka Miro): A blue blooded goon with the hands of a Hungarian butcher and the nose of a migrating pelican. The editor. Slave man. Climbing or editing is all he does. Too many double clicks. You should see his fingers.


James   James (aka Merlot Walker): This guy has bad luck sometimes. Always good for a laugh. "TJ". Injury prone. story maker. brings out the goonish in all of us. his nose is long, but he doesn't lie.


Jeremy   Jeremy (aka Supergoon): Six foot two. Drives a truck. Perfect crew guy or anonymous villain. Always good to have around on set. A true goon. Hands Solo. He's on a love hate relationship with the girls. Origional bad boy goon. All ways makes an appearance.


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